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1 session $85

3 sessions $210

6 sessions $360 





1 sessions $85

3 sessions $220

6 sessions $400


Please note: I do not accept insurance. 


Sliding scale rates are available- please call for details.

"We have been bringing our 2.5 year old son with cerebral palsy to Tara Vamos for Feldenkrais lessons for over a year. We fully believe that he has benefited from the lessons in many ways, but most specifically notice improvements in his muscle tone and posture. The Feldenkrais helps reduce high muscle tone his arms which have allowed him to better roll, reach, and grasp. His head control and trunk control, which was very weak, has made continued progress allowing him to sit, stand, and eat with more control. He has also maintained and even improved range of motion in his hips, trunk, and arms; something his doctors continually warned us would get worse has he grows. Beyond the benefits of Feldenkrais method in general, Tara is a pleasure to work with. Our son loves her, and she always makes the lessons fun and engaging. Tara continually seeks out new information and support from her network of Feldenkrais practitioners and our family and continually adapts her lessons to what our son needs most at any given time!".

-Stephanie Ghannam, Bethel, CT

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