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"Many parts of autism are changeable, not permanent, hardwired, or set in stone."  - Martha Herbert and Karen Weintraub,   The Autism Revolution


"My son, at 2.5, only spoke a few single syllable words, had a very difficult time with transitions, and tantrumed often.  After 8 sessions, he speaks in several word sentences, his face is much more expressive, and tantrums have become much rarer and shorter when they do occur.  To get these results from something that he actually enjoys is amazing!" - J.K., parent



Here is a very informative  article by Anat Baniel at The Huffington Post:

3 Breakthrough  Steps for Helping Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Anat Baniel Method (ABM) uses movement and touch to help your child feel at home in their body and to help them make sense of the world around them.   It does not involve correcting your child: instead, I help your child feel and understand what they are doing and what other movement options are available to them.  The process is based on touch and does not depend on your child's verbal abilities.  ABM can have benefits far beyond what you may think of as a movement issue. 


Consider for a moment how you would feel if at any moment someone might clap their hands next to your ears.  Many people would tense their chest muscles, their abdominal muscles, and muscles in their faces and necks.   Even the muscles of  your eyes tend to narrow your feild of vision.  While you are like this, it is more difficult to feel calm, think clearly, speak clearly, or move smoothly and gracefuly.  Learning or being open to change becomes very difficult. 


For many kids who have SPD or are on the autism spectrum, everyday life is full of unpleasant, unexpected surprises.  Though the source of those suprises may seem banal (scratchy tag in shirt!!!! food too hot!!!) the physical result of your child bracing for the worst is the same.  Many kids carry out their lives in a state of "high alert" that inhibits learning, thinking clearly, and feeling calm and happy.


Anat Baniel Method provides your child with specific sensory input that their brain can sucessfully make sense out of.  Anat Baniel method lessons help your child substitute functional movement patterns (walking well, running well, breathing easily, speaking clearly) for what may have become either chronic patterns of muscular contraction or chronic "floppiness". 


   Anat Baniel Method can help your child understand from the inside out where they are in space and how to support themselves in ways that feel comfortable and natural.   For many children the most important benefit is the emotional resiliency they gain when their physical challenges have been addressed.



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