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What is Feldenkrais?

Have you ever thought about how the muscles of your back are involved when you walk?  Or realized that the way you use your eyes might be related to how easy it is to turn your head?

The Feldenkrais Method creates a space for you to slow down, feel, and understand the interconnected ways in which your whole body is involved in the movements of your daily life.  The slow, guided movements in a Feldenkrais lesson are organized so that more ergonomic, and more natural feeling ways of moving will emerge. 


Personalized, individual Feldenkrais sessions are called Functional Integration lessons.  This gentle, comfortable touch based work is tailored to the needs of the student and is appropriate for persons at any age or level of mobility who wants to feel better and move better.


Group Feldenkrais Lessons are called Awareness Through Movement Lessons.  Participants are verbally guided through specific movement sequences while being asked to feel and observe how they perform each motion.  You'll be suprised at how quickly your flexibility, coordination, and ballance  improves!


With the Feldenkrais method, you can discover comfortable, coordinated movement patterns that support recovering full mobility after injury.   You can also expand your comfort, flexibility, and coordination, and develop new abilities at any age.



Scientific Research:


For a study about the efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method in treating chronic pain, please see


For a study about the efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method in improving balance, please see



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