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Awareness Through Movement  

Group Feldenkrais lessons that can restore ease of movement and expand your movement & mind


Participants are verbally guided through specific sequences of movement while being asked to feel, think, and observe how they perform each motion. Most lessons involve small, slow, meditative movement. 
Movements are often small, & stay within your range of comfortable motion


Learn the benefits of approaching movement with curiousity & exploration


Small, specific movements with attention create large changes in:

      Range of motion

                     Sense of well being


These movements can later be practiced at home so that students can take their learning and well-being into their own hands.  Class size is small so that the instructor can tailor the lesson to the needs of the students, and clarify directions when needed with hands-on instruction.





See schedule page for current classes, or call to discuss if Awareness Through Movement classes are right for you.


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