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"My son has CP with right sided hemiparesis. Early intervention services were good but I knew there had to be more available to him. I discovered Anat Baniel Method/Feldenkrais through online parent groups and decided to give it a try. He has improved so much! With Tara's help he went from being able to only lie and roll occasionally to pull himself up and cruise along my furniture. His whole world and perspective has changed! I am so glad to have found ABM and especially Tara who is a kind, caring, and wonderful practitioner."

-Jen Westbrook

Anat Baniel Method for Children and Feldenkrais can help with a wide spectrum of challenges, from minor motor delays to the effects of severe brain injury.


It can also help children who are simply behind their peers in fine or gross motor skills or who are experiencing balance, coordination. or sensory issues.

Anat Baniel Method for Children

Anat Baniel Method for Children lessons are enjoyable and meet your child where they are at.  Although the process is rooted in the physical, for some children the most important benefits are social and emotional.  Anat Baniel Method for Children can improve:


Autism Spectrum Disorders 

fine motor coordination

gross motor coordination


transition & flexibility issues


eye contact

high muscle tone

low muscle tone

proprioception (understanding where one is in space)

delays in reaching milestones







This video contains some great footage of a child's Feldenkrais lesson starting at 7:08.  This video can also help you understand how movement relates to thinking:



On behalf of children with minor difficulties:


All children grow and develop at different speeds. For some parents, it is a challenge to know whether or not to seek help for their child.


If that describes you, please consider this question:


What could these people have in common?


1.  a child who "skips" crawling,

2.  a child who finds it difficult to walk down stairs,

3.  a teenager who avoids sports and

4.  an adult who hates to exercise and struggles with neck and back pain.


Answer: they are all the same person.


Each person has a different trajectory through life, and there are many, many places where a person can learn and change.  How about helping your child now?


Shifting something simple, like how easy it is to hold a pencil, or how fun it is to run, can open a world of options to your child.


If your infant is experiencing minor developmental delays, or if your child struggles with their coordination, balance, motor skills or dexterity, a short series of sessions could have lifelong benefits.







Anat Baniel in a TED talk about neuroplasticity.  Shows how ABM can benefit your child and includes a short verbally directed lesson that you can try yourself.

Is Anat Baniel Method a good match for your child?


In a free 30 minute phone consult I can answer questions specific to your child.  Please call today to set up a consult or to make an appointment.


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