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Next Session starts January 16


Movement & Music 1-4, child & a grownup 

Fridays 9:45-10:30


1/16 - 2/20 


5 class card- $60

Drop-in $15



 classes held at CCE / Beacon Yoga, 464 Main St., Beacon NY




Music & Movement Classes

Music and dance are a part of every culture on earth-  at any age, your child is ready to listen, wiggle, and participate in the fun!  There are many, many ways to enjoy both the quiet and the exhuberant joys of music and dance with your child- I hope you'll make coming to my class one of them!


Music and dance foster children's development in many ways; here are a few:

  • Singing (listening to a as well as participation) helps in speech development, language aquisition, auditory processing, and breath controll, and sequencing

  • Listening to and making music both boost skills critical to mathematics, can help children learn to modulate to a group, and can help with organizing and coordinating motor activity

  • Gross motor skills expand when children are presented with new challenges, new ways to move and new ways to think about their movements (how do you ooze like mud across a floor?)

  • Self regulation, both physical and emotional, is promoted by expanding gross motor controll as well as by developing positive ways to express oneself

  • Gross motor control provides a foundation for fine motor skills

  • Good social and emotional skills are also fostered in class: opportunities to participate in a group, share, take turns and express oneself are all presented.  In mixed age classes, children see social behaviors modeled and adopt them when they are able.


In each class, I include a variety of movements and musical experiences that give your child a foundation for further growth.  Did you know, for example, that activities involving crossing the midline are stepping stones to handwriting?  Or that motor patterns established in crawling will also be used in running?  A song like "Bingo" which involves audiation encourage pre-reading skills?


My aim is to weave "pro-development" experiences into musical activities which are so fun and memorable that your child will want to repeat them at home and to invent their own variations of them too.


Call, text or email me about registration or

a trial class!

Tara Vamos 845-264-9565





Come because music & movement great for your child's brain, or come just for the fun of it!

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